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Published in San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

*Updated - I am very proud to announce that my photographs of the Napa Valley home of Howard Backen and his wife Lori have been published as illustration for the feature article of today's San Francisco Chronicle Magazine in the article "Wine Country Casual".

 It's interesting that the image chosen for the cover is a space that was not part of the job specifications. Russell Yip, feature photo editor, told me to shoot the kitchen, living room and chicken coop. The shot of the cover is of the office in the pool house. I shot it because it was a nice space and I felt it would be a shame not to have it available for consideration. I guess the paper thought my idea was a good one.

I enjoyed shooting this image of Howard a Lori. This shot captured my imagination because Howard is an architect and this composition of both his personality and that of the home most effectively. At the time Howard said I captured his concept pretty well and thanked me for making the shot more about the home than of him.

This shot of the master bedroom was another than was beyond the defined scope of the shoot. I decided it had to be shot because Howard had designed the home for this view specifically. And it is spectacular, from here you can look onto the entire Napa Valley. A 30 million dollar view if I've ever seen one.

This kitchen is a darling and classic design, including the wing chair as a foreground element helps communicate the scale of the space and hints at the open plan nature of the design.

This shot of the living room from the dining room is a nice shot and integrates many of my compositional techniques: foreground element, rule of thirds in this crop, and the most in=mportant the critical deisgn element being the flowering branches. If had the opportunity I would choose to shoot this space at the dusk transition from the other end of the sofa to showcase the fireplace, the deck and the view. This day it was near 100 degrees and I didn't even want to think about lighting a fire.

And finally here is the reverse angle view of the cover shot. What a great place for a home office, lots of shade, windows and a convenient breezeway near the pool.

*Update: This is a nice companion piece for the Redbook publication last month.