This photograph is titled “Quality time.” It has gone out today as an epromo.

I’m broadening my horizons and opening new markets in the Lifestyle Photography genre. I am really excited about this because my talent for composition and lighting skills are so well suited to the task, as is my experience with logistics and project management from working on location for the entirety of my career.

This photograph is the first in an ongoing series of lifestyle photographs that I am shooting, the concept “Times of Our Lives” is to capture specific moments in our lives and show people living, working and experiencing the architectural and interior design environments my clients create. I want to create photographs where people are included in the composition to help communicate the essential nature of the space in which they are situated.

The human element is so beneficial to the presentation of the projects, but I don’t like adding a blurred form as is so common these days. I feel it’s better to show recognizable people to help communicate the idea that people and the enhancement of their lives is a primary concern when designing structures or spaces. I feel the blurred figure technique communicates the idea that the human element is inconsequential to the design.

You can see a larger version of this image, along with the images that inspired me to create the series at my main website in the portfolio "Times of Our Lives"

And a description of how the concept came to me is located in my blog here.