This lifestyle photograph is titled “Breaking News.” It’s the first in the “Design that Celebrates Life” series I created a for Viscusi Elson Interior Design. It was fun working with the kids and everyone enjoyed the shoot. The space was perfect and all we needed to do was stage it with minimal lighting because we shot at the correct time of day for the design concept of both the space and the ad.

The challenges on this shot were all logistical: coordinating the “talent” (designers husband and neighbor, and her daughter) light the space and get a good shot that both the designer and the ad agent liked within the critical time frame when the natural light was perfect. It took an hour and half to stage, light and prepare the scene. It was time well spent because it allowed us to shoot the photo in about fifteen minutes, which is all you can ask of young children and your neighbor at 10:00 AM on a Sunday morning.

Overall the production wasn't much of a challenge. I've been shooting on location for twenty five years. The challenge was really trying to get five adults and two kids into the one master bedroom without casting odd shadows or catching unnatural reflections in the multiple mirror surfaces of the wall art and nightstand.

(I really did try to downplay the title, sometimes you just can’t avoid sensationalism.)