I was inspired to exceed my limits by this shot. This photograph, titled “Post Party Analysis,” was shot as an ad for Viscusi Elson Interior Design a couple of years ago. We did several images that included people in the environments the designer had created. I really enjoyed this project because I was challenged to create dramatic images that captured the character and emotional context of the interior design and integrated people in such a way as to realize the essential nature of the space.

The images we created for the “Design that Celebrates Life” series have inspired me to create my own series of lifestyle images titled “Times of Our Lives.” I began shooting this series in July, but competition season had forced me to put it on the back-burner until now.

I will be officially releasing “Quality Time,” the first image in the series, as an epromo on Tuesday morning and plan to release one image every four to six weeks as self-promotion pieces. You can view the released images in a new portfolio on my website titled “Times of Our Lives”