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I Love Dusk Photographs of Architecture and Design

Today’s architectural photograph is a twofer: a dusk shot of the Solano County Juvenile Justice Center in Fairfield, CA shot for KMD Architects seen here and a dawn shot for Lennar Homes below.

Lately I’ve been talking down dusk photographs and wanted to be sure no one got the wrong idea. I love dusk photographs of both commercial and residential projects and have much experience shooting them. I just think not every project is presented best at dusk.

I was once practically thrown out of an architects office in Telluride because I wouldn't agree that the "Best Time To Photograph a House Is At Sunset!"

It's not, the best time to photograph a house or a jail or a hospital or anything is when it looks best and you show what you want to show. Dusk shots are great for communicating romance, or to show lighting design as you see here.

But it's not a hard and fast rule that every project needs to be shot at dusk, that's a preconception that precludes with creative thinking - maybe the project would look best at dawn, like this one shot for Lennar Homes.