Quite often I'm asked why people need professional photographs of architecture and interior design.

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Unlike a painting the mood and appearance of  architecture and interior design is dependent upon the ever changing environmental conditions as well as the subjective experience and mood of the viewer. We showcase the artistry of the design in an idealized light, working to capture the artistic vision of the designer in it's greatest glory. Professional photographs are the only way to control all the variables that impact the presentation of the space or structure ensuring the viewers perceptions of the design are in sync with the intent of the designer.

Julius Shulman said architectural photography is an act of transfiguration.
Transfiguration: a mental gymnastic exercise in camera control of imagery … the process of idealization, glorification, and dramatization.
— Julius Shulman, Architecture & Its Photography

Professional architectural photogrpahs will capture the glamor of the design and communicate the designers ideas with visual impact and emotional meaning for the layman as well as the artist. The impressions and feelings of wonder great photographs engender will be remembered long after a presentation is complete and will give the buyer of design services confidence in their decision to commission great works.

Or to put it simply: People need professional photographs of architecture and interior design because they are ambitious, want to share their ideas and get bigger, better commissions.


(Photograph included in this article: Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Fresno, CA for Kitchell CEM.)