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You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression

We get one chance to get someone to stop what they're doing long enough to pay attention to what we need them to hear to get them to engage with us on a meaningful level.

First Place, Small Bathrooms

2012 NKBA Northern California Design Awards

Angela Victoria Rassmussen, Designer - House 2 Home Design and Build
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Our communication has to have a high perceived value and effectively communicate our unique sales proposition to convince the recipient of our message whether they be a design competition judge, a tech company CFO, of Facebook programmer to invest the time and energy to comprehend what we're saying. At any given time we all have a dozen or more things on our mind: the mortgage, the vet, the PTA, our quarterly review, what's for dinner, etc. In order to break through the noise and make a positive impression we need to show our best work, in its best possible light.

You get one chance, give it your best shot. The image you see above won fist place, one of twenty-three awards I received in 2012. You can see award winning images from the other 22 award winning entries I contributed to by following the links below. We won and kept on winning because I gave each shot everything I had to give and it worked.

2012 NKBA Awards

2012 ASID Awards

2012 NARI Awards (including one COTY)