I was recently given sage (unsought) advice by another architectural photographer. I was told everything that I was doing wrong and why my photographs weren't good and what I needed to do to become a good architectural photographer. This was at a gallery opening in April of 2012.

I suppose I could have listened carefully and changed the way I do things and my photographs would have received his approval because they resembled his and he would have been happy. Instead I chose to follow my own vision and continue to create photographs using the methods and techniques that resulted in winning twenty-three design awards from three professional organizations in 2012 alone bringing my career total awards into the triple digits.

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According to my critic this photograph
is a waste of electrons (film) and I should
be ashamed of myself for inflicting it upon the world.

The moral of this story is to carefully choose from whom you take criticism, or advice. You don't know what their agenda is.


You won't benefit from anonymous criticism

I recently heard from a TED speaker who was able to quote, verbatim, truly nasty comments people had posted about her talk.
And yet, I've never once met an author who said, "Well, my writing wasn't resonating, but then I read all the 1 star reviews on Amazon, took their criticism to heart and now I'm doing great..."

Yes, change what you make to enhance delight. No, don't punish yourself by listening to the mob.
AuthorDean Birinyi