This song is one of the loveliest I've heard in my life. The melody is evocative of a romance and the lyrics speak volumes of love and emotion. Unfortunately the imagery in the video undermines the conveyed message at every turn, sabotaging the effort.
Take a few minutes to listen with your eyes closed and a second time with your eyes open and you'll understand why this video is a textbook case of undermining the USP.

The song speaks of dancing in the twilight by the river with fireflies in the air. The video is shot at noon on a porch, showing spiders while a baby is being bathed. The male and female actors aren't even in the same location until the close of the song. The production values are high but I wonder if the director heard the song before production started.

Does your imagery work for you or against you? Ask yourself if the images in your presentation support your unique sales proposition, or if it undermines everything your saying at every turn like this video does.

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AuthorDean Birinyi