A blog that focuses on the photography of Dean J. Birinyi, an interior and architectural photographer based in San Francisco, CA.

Thrill Me

We've all heard the saying "One picture is worth a thousand words." That's a lot, choose your words very carefully because you won't get that much attention a second time unless the people listening get a payoff they value.


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Ode: How to tell a great story

Great stories succeed because they are able to capture the imagination of large or important audiences.
Great stories are trusted. Trust is the scarcest resource we’ve got left. No one trusts anyone. People don’t trust the beautiful women ordering vodka at the corner bar (they’re getting paid by the liquor company). People don’t trust the spokespeople on commercials (who exactly is Rula Lenska?). And they certainly don’t trust the companies that make pharmaceuticals (Vioxx, apparently, can kill you). As a result, no marketer succeeds in telling a story unless he has earned the credibility to tell that story.

2012 NKBA Awards

2012 ASID Awards

2012 NARI Awards (including one COTY)