Yesterday I was shooting a project for Harrell Remodeling. It was a rather large kitchen and was very demanding because of the need to show the scale of the space Add to that the counters were white and we had two glass walls on either side of the space.

It took us eight hours to get two photographs, but they’re great shots and well worth the effort. It was a very demanding day but I’m very proud of the work we did and my assistant Dee Rogers was crucial to the successful completion of the shots.

I promised some progress shots and here they are:

Here’s Genie Nowicki our designer and stylist setting the table early in the process of shooting our second and most demanding shot. She’s got a good eye and it was a pleasure working with her.
One challenge we faced was capturing realistic illumination of the light fixture above the dinning table while capturing how the space is flooded with natural light from outside. We had to cast a shadow on the fixture to keep it from being over-exposed and loosing detail.

I did this by placing a bounce panel between the floor to ceiling glass doors and using the gold reflecting surface of the panel to enhance the warm tones of the oak dinning table and chairs.

Here you can see how I softened the light on the critical portion of the dinning table and wall with a translucent sheet, while blocking light from closer to the camera. I needed to be sure the light from the yard outside wouldn’t overpower the interior lighting.

Unfortunately doing this had a negative impact on the side of the island that was closest to the camera and we had to enhance that area with supplemental lighting.

I’ll show the finished shots after the competition winners are announced.
AuthorDean Birinyi