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Ever make a big mistake? I have. This shot of San Mateo High School Courtyard at dawn is one of the biggest I ever made. I don't know how but I managed to get my compass readings turned  around by 90 degrees, I thought I was going to be facing north north-east while shooting this dawn shot, instead I was facing east south-east directly into the sunrise. 
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San Mateo High School
San Mateo, CA
BCA Architects
I had convinced the client to meet me on site at 4:30 AM because the dawn shot was going to be spectacular. We got access to the school, the head custodian arrived at 4:30 AM to let us in, we discovered the secrets of turning off the security system, we unlocked every door, we turned every light in the building on, we emptied out every window and opened every blind. Imagine my surprise as the sky slowly lightened in the wrong quadrant. I freaked out (briefly) but hid my discomposure from my assistant and the client.

I realized what had happened (not why) and saw that I had only moments to take action before this disaster became irrecoverable. So I shot the shot, we weren't quite ready which is why the lights on the deck of the second building are a little brighter than I wanted, but I had no choice. I either shot a less than perfect shot or failed miserably.

In the end the shot was even more dramatic, spectacular and appealing than I had planned.
AuthorDean Birinyi