Remember we're not photographing "stuff" we're photographing design.

First Place Small Bathrooms
NKBA Northern California
Private Residence
Campbell, CA
Angela Victoria Rasmussen
H2H Design and Build
The first thing you have to remember when photographing any space or structure really, is that you’re photographing design not stuff. Anyone can put those beautiful soaps, that imported towel, that hand made tile from Barcelona that slab of granite for the vanity top in their bathroom. Adding “stuff” will not help show your design well, unless the “stuff” is in context to the situation you are photographing.

Less is more, before you put that beautifully ornate soap dish on the vanity ask yourself if you really need it next to the liquid soap dispenser. Remember that you’re not in the business of selling soap dishes you’re in the business of creating artistic design, photograph that.

Seeing the space before you

To get great photographs you need to see the space as an artistic abstraction, free of preconceptions and emotional investment, divorced from your relationship with the client, contractor or supplier and you cannot allow your insecurities to direct your efforts. Just because you fought to get that light fixture mounted on mirror two inches to the left, or you had to have the cabinet door redone five times doesn’t mean it’s worth photographing. You need to step back and see the space for what it is, and as it is not how you would have liked it to have been if the client had another twenty-thousand dollars, or if they had gone with your original idea for the backsplash.

And please don't forget one picture is worth a thousand words. We must choose our words carefully.