What can you do when you simply can’t get it all in the shot?  You maximize the interest of what you can show.

You might be thinking “Maximizing interest sounds great, but how do I do that?”

You do it like this
  1. First step into the space and snap the shot you think you want
  2. Then take a step, or two to the left and shoot another.
  3. Then a step or two to the right and shoot again.
  4. Try it higher and lower
  5. Higher & lower on the left and on the right.
  6. Take a step back and zoom in
  7. Take a step closer and zoom out.

When your doing this remember that stuff is not your design; it’s the creativity of the design that we need to show. Focus your attention on the abstract, the color and geometry of your design, the compositional guides and the visual flow of the image.

Look for the view that is interesting and cool, then ask if it shows you what you need to see.

As with anything, after doing this a few times you’ll get the hang of it and won’t need to shoot a dozen images.

So whether you’re shooting a small space or a large one, don’t try to show the “stuff” look for an angle that is going to excite and intrigue the viewer.


Here's a link to a Tricks of theTrade article on styling spaces that may be helpful


AuthorDean Birinyi