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No One Talks About the Food if the Restaurant Stinks

Quite often I will meet a professional who doesn't have a website or has one that is so rudimentary, outdated or poorly produced as to be embarrassing. It matters what their clients and prospects think and what they see influences that.


You can count on everyone who even thinks about the possibility of working with you to check you on on the web, this includes social media, and because of this it's  important that there is something there for them to find and that it projects the appropriate impression.

Most arguments I hear to this is aversion of "It's all packaging, and doesn't matter. The substance of my work is what's important." But the packaging matters it's shows professionalism and respect to the people with whom you want to work. Bad packaging tells people you don't really care what they think, they're not important enough for you to bother trying to look good for them.

Improving your condiments

It takes a bold and confident cook to serve a naked hot dog. No roll, no kraut, no mustard.
And a movie shown on a bare wall in an empty room is never going to be received as well as one seen in a crowded theater.
It might be bold to put your work into the world unadorned, but it's probably ineffective.