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New Ideas: Capturing Emotional Context

I've been broadening my lately, yesterday I did a self promotion shoot at the home of one of my clients Sabrina Alfin of Sabrina Alfin Interiors. #in
Sabrina assisted by not only allowing the use of her home but also as set and fashion stylist.

Our adult model was Annie Maki with her daughter from City Model Management. It was a real pleasure working with her and Make Up Artist Sherri Siegel. They made the shoot a roaring success and I look forward to working with both ladies again in the future.

Here is the final shot titled "Quality Time"

Image of a residential interior with mother and daughter sharing quality time together.
Quality Time
My concept was to shoot the space with the people there helping to realize it's purpose rather than to shoot people in the space.

In my seminar on photography for interior designers I tell people it is challenging to shoot architecture and interior design with people in the image because once you put people, or pets in a shot unless it's done just right people will see it as a photograph of people in a room and no longer see the architecture or interior design. This is one reason why most images of architecture or interiors that do include people show them as blurred figures, unrecognizable as anything more than an abstraction of a human figure used to communicate scale.

I don't want my images to be reliant upon an abstraction of a human form because that would divorce the image from the purpose of the space, and I don't honestly think I have a problem communicating scale. Instead I'm adding people as an active compositional element that I use to capture the essence of the design styled and staged to help me do a better job of communicating the emotional context of the space itself.

I've done this type of photograph several times before in ads for past clients and in some editorial shots I've done. Now I am using my vision to create more images to be used as self promotional pieces seeking more lifestyle type work and also to show my existing and new clients work in a new light, giving them an edge over their competition by removing the disconnect-the abstraction-from the presentation of their work and presenting the emotional context of their  designs as a primary design element.