Networking is challenging for everyone. There are very few people who actually enjoy networking, if you keep that in mind it makes it a bit easier.

But networking is important and today there is a wealth of information about how to do it and succeed. There are training, videos, classes and support groups that can get you started and help you build that critical network that if you're lucky will result in a real connection with the right person.

The two things in this article that are the most important are the need to go solo and the need to follow up. Of the two following up is the most important because 90% of the people who attend these meetings and put themselves through the stress and hassle don't follow up, I've been guilty of this on far too many occasions.

Following up is so easy these days. You can send an email it can be a simple note "Glad to meet you last night, hope to see you again soon." a text, a request to connect on Facebook or LinkedIn. you don't need to go for the BIG DEAL right away. That's not how you build relationships.

After you do this for a while you'll find that you're seeing the same people showing up at the events. You'll both be more comfortable because you'll know each each other. You'll actually talk about real stuff and before you know it your connection has turned into a real person and your a real person to them as well.

of course if your the person who's always closing people won't want to talk to you after a while because they understand that all they are to you is a checkbook. And no one likes to be treated that way.

AuthorDean Birinyi