I once met a guy who had worked for five years developing his business plan. He had addressed each and every single concern he could possibly think of, and followed each eventuality through to it's rational conclusion. He must have spent thousands of hours thinking, planning and preparing for all the potential permutations that he could foresee in opening and operating his business. Then his hard drive fried, and he irretrievably lost everything because in five years time he had never once run a backup of anything (which is a story for another day).

My point is you can plan and prepare, strategize and calculate all you want, but it will never get you anywhere you have to take action. I tell people that if you have an idea, a dream or a goal you need to step up to the edge of the precipice, face the risk and uncertainty then spread your wings and fly. You'll quickly realize that your anxieties were unfounded because the challenges you face are ones you couldn't have planned or prepare for, otherwise they wouldn't be challenges.

This remind of an axiom I learned - "No plan, however carefully made survives first contact with the enemy."


What's in the box?

We hesitate.
We stall or try for perfect or have meetings or polish or avoid the final 'go' because we're afraid that it might not work, that the art won't be well received, that people will hate it.

AuthorDean Birinyi