The Message

Council Chamber
Shasta County Municipal Building
Redding, CA
Kitchell, CEM

Recently I sent out two epromos. I chose this image of  the Commissioners Chamber in the Shasta County Municipal Building in Shasta County California for the epromo that went out to commercial architects and titled it “The Message.”

I work to capture the emotional context of the spaces I photograph by understanding my reaction to the design. Upon entering this space form the public entrance I was stuck by the authority upon which the design is based. The design of the ceiling enforced the idea of power shared by multiple parties. At first glance the power sits with the council from whom edicts would go out to the world.

However, I saw the reverse of the concept where the strong clear voice of the people in the audience would be heard and distributed to those who held the responsibility of governance. This idea can only be grasped when you notice the outer wings of the ceiling details direct energy, not to the seats of council members but to the seats of the county employees, the county manager, clerk and attorney.

When the gestalt impression is tempered by knowledge of the details of the design you can see the message is not coming out from the council, but in to it from their constituency with great authority enforcing the idea of a government of, by and for the people.