The creative fields demand high levels of performance as the cost of entry to be successful requires being remarkable

One of the first things I always teach my assistants is that as architectural photographers once we do a shot we are either a hero or a chump; a photograph is either great or it's bad - there is no middle ground. The result is either remarkable or a failure. Other people in other businesses have a middle ground - you can be mundane, but not in the creative fields, when was the last time you read about an actor who was pretty good, or a writer who wrote a book that was O.K.?

I live by the ideas and concepts Seth Godin writes about here. I put them into practice every day, on every photograph I create,and every blog post I write. I suggest everyone try it, the worst that can happen is that you'll be regarded as a chump for a day, but if you succeed you'll be a hero.

The stakes are high but the personal, professional and financial payoff for being remarkable is well worth it.


AuthorDean Birinyi