I'm always being asked to join new social media sites it seems like every week at least one person I know authorizes another social media platform to access their address book and I get "invitations" (read spam) asking em to join up. I don't hold this against anyone, I just don't have time or energy to join up and spend another few minutes of my day hoping to connect with a new potential prospect, especially if that new potential prospect is in India.


I stick with the big 3: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and I'm not that hot on twitter because I have the advantage of being B2B in a highly specialized field. I've always felt I was lucky that I can go to any phone book in the world (that I can read) and within a minute or two point to the firms that value my talents and services.

It's the same in the digital realm. I know where to find them and I'll leave them to implement their social media strategy to find their clients without complicating their lives by "breathing down their necks."
AuthorDean Birinyi