A blog that focuses on the photography of Dean J. Birinyi, an interior and architectural photographer based in San Francisco, CA.

Seven Creativity Killers

The ones I've dealt with most often are:
  1. The Control Crew - I've been commissioned to create shots because my work was new and unique and then was art directed to such a level of detail that the shots didn't look like my work.
  2. The Insulation Clique - These are the people who have always done things a certain way, with a certain vendor, in a certain manner and will never think of changing.
  3. The Pessimism Posse - If I had a dollar for every time someone told me something couldn't be done for X reason I could buy a new Mercedes. One of the most aggravating things I've heard along this line is "You can't do (that)  you don't know how." I'm amazed that so many people think learning stops once you get out of school.