I was in a discussion and was asked why I choose to not show the exterior views in my interior photographs with perfect detail, color and clarity since this is easily achievable with lighting or the HDRI technique. I answered at length about what is not show is just as important as what is, distracting elements and focusing the viewers attention on what I was photographing.

Subtly controlling the elements of my compoisitions is what makes the difference between a masterful application of technique and a ham-handed use of a tool.

I strive to practice subtlety in all things.


Subtlety, deconstructed

Subtle is a cousin of beautiful.
Subtle design and messaging challenge the user to make her own connections instead of spelling out every detail. Connections we make are more powerful than connections made for us. If Amazon and Zappos had been called "reallybigbookstore.com" and "tonsofshoes.com" it might have made some early investors happy, but they would have built little of value.
Subtle details demonstrate power. Instead of being in an urgent hurry to yell about every feature or benefit, you demonstrate...

AuthorDean Birinyi