Dawn, Stonelake Clubhouse in Elk Grove, CA
Photographed for Williams + Paddon Architecture + Interior Design in 2002

I was surprised when, upon seeing my commercial portfolio one of my client’s said they didn’t know I shot commercial projects. I've shot so many commercial projects in my career I couldn't count them all, maybe just as many as the residential projects. Offices, hospitals, schools, retail, restaurants as well as detention and industrial facilities.

I love photographing all types of architecture and interior design because I feel they are the least appreciated art forms, they are everywhere they both fill our lives, help define our purpose and facilitiate the achievement of our dreams. Sometimes, such in home ownership they are the substance our dreams

I am amazed at the fact that most people don't see architecture and even fewer see interior design, I do see it. I see it as no other person on the planet sees it. Quite often my clients tell me I make their work look better than it really is. I tell them this is what their work really looks like to someone who appreciates it. I'm lucky that I can translate my feelings and impressions of the marvelous creations into a form that others can see what I see: the flow, the grace, the emotion, the grandeur and the harmony.