Recently I had a very remarkable experience with customer service with a critical vendor. It was remarkably bad. They kept trying to get me to accept the sub-standard product despite the fact I kept pointing out that it was sub-standard, why it was sub-standard, why sub standard wouldn't work for me and that I had paid for a product that was not just acceptable but was touted as exceptional in every way.

They they blamed me for the problem and kept telling me I should accept their good enough half solution and I kept telling them that I expected the exceptionalism I was sold.

I didn't get it, but I'll be talking to a more senior CS rep tomorrow to find a course of problem resolution, hopefully they'll understand that the difference between bad service and good service is not in the eye of the service providers technical staff.

Unfortunately this isn't an uncommon situation.

You're right!

You probably get feedback from customers. Sometimes you even get letters.
Occasionally (unfortunately), it’s negative.
AuthorDean Birinyi