Having confidence in the validity of our creative vision is the single greatest challenge we have as professional creatives. I can't tell you how many times people have tried to undermine my creative confidence. This is most often unintentional, but occasionally it is intentional.

In the business world there are two rational explanations for someone undermining your creative confidence: in a new relationship to get you to question the value of your work thereby undermining your negotiating position or if in an existing relationship it can be an effort to reduce your perception of your worth to ensure you don't realize the power you have and will keep your prices low, or even reduce your prices.

There's also the irrational reasons: jealousy of our creative abilities, fear of the power that comes from having confidence in our creative abilities and in some rare cases a frustrated creative will try to "get back" at someone who successfully caused them to turn away from or suppress their creative talents.

Whether the reason someone is undermining your creative confidence is rational or irrational doesn't matter, the result is the same and it is critical that we maintain our faith in ourselves and confidence in the validity and worth of our artistic vision, because that's all we really have to offer that holds true value, our "product" is secondary.