Do you really want to find lowest common denominator clients? I was seduced by the promises of SEO, page visits and conversion.  #in

When I was young I worked at a computer sales firm, early eighties... Jim was the sales manager he told me he had previously owned a stereo store in Aspen, CO. He said his trick was not to offer the low end but only sell the best of the best to the people who could afford it.

Throughout most of my career I've followed his advice and it has worked well. The times I've made the decision to chase the low value markets it hurt me because I got lot's of low value clients. One problem with those types of clients is they place a low value on both your work and you and they treat you that way.

Sure it's hard to watch a deal go south when you know all you need to do is drop your price to meet the clients demands, but then they'll demand more compromises from you the next day, more work than you bargained for the following and sooner or later you find yourself working three times as hard for half the money and producing work of a quality that won't advance your career.


AuthorDean Birinyi