Today's Trick of the Trade is not really industry wide, it is one aspect of my theory of styling, please take what you need and leave the rest.

Styling can consume incredible amounts of time on a photo shoot of architecture or interior design. So reusing styling elements whenever possible is a good idea, but if they are reused in the same space be consistent in their placement and their arrangement. This saves time because you only have to style the counter once.

You don’t want to reinvent the wheel for every photograph. Save time and energy when you can.

There are benefits to consistent use of styling elements beyond saving some time, it also helps describe the space in the viewers mind. In the shot on the left, we used the peppers to draw the viewer deeper into the image. In the associated shot of the kitchen we left them in the same location with minimal rearrangement. The intent is to give the viewer a visual reference so they can understand the layout of the space as implied by the photographs.

Consistency in your styling is important because we need to make it easy for the viewer to understand the photographs. If the plate of peppers is “jumping around” the room it creates an unnecessary mental challenge, causes vague feelings of confusion and might turn them off to the photograph, the design and you.

Always remember that we are styling the space for the viewer of the photograph, not the designer or the photographer. We’re creative people, we have strong imaginations and we’re really good at abstract reasoning, generally the people you will be showing your photographs to are not.

Please always remember that quite often you have to reinvent the wheel for every shot; that’s just the way it is.