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Social Media Cross Platform Automation

I was on my professional association website (American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)) and saw a recommendation to try this new web based social media cross platform integration service, ifttt  #in

I tried it and it's really simple to set-up and once that's done it works autonomously. :) Maybe the days of going nut's trying to maintain a presence on all these different social media sites is coming to and end.

One thing I really like is that it plays well with Blogger. So far all the solutions I've tried have worked effectively enough but none could access this blog for cross posting. Now, I can post here and have the post propagate across my social media networks instantly without manual reentry.

Give it a shot.


P.S. This is also a test to see how the service deals with posts that exceed the allowable length of the other channels. Ciao!