I'm putting the blog and other social media on hiatus for a time while I do my quarterly reevaluation and restructuring.

Yes, I said I do this at least quarterly. Sometimes I make big changes sometimes there are only small changes, but there are always changes. We live in a different world today than wee did three months ago and I don't want to get caught behind the times and out of date again.

It wasn't fun trying to run a twentieth century business in the twenty-first century and there's only one way to prevent that from happening again - constant reevaluation, cross checking and adaptation to the current reality. Things move fast these days people don't like change, but unless we embrace change and step outside of our comfort zones we're going to learn that we like irrelevancy even less.

So while I'm find new ways to do the same things I did last month only better faster and with even more style here's a link to a post on bravery by my favorite blogger Seth Godin.


"Organized bravery

The purpose of the modern organization is to make it easy and natural and expected for people to take risks. To lean out of the boat. To be human.

Alas, most organizations do [snip]"
And a kitty...

AuthorDean Birinyi