Private Residence
Portoloa Valley, CA
Flegels Construction Co.
Frank Van Duerm Interior Designer
Today’s “Tricks of the Trade” article is on time as a compositional element.

Too often I see people shoot wonderful spaces at the wrong time of day and end up with bad pictures. Time is a compositional element, every bit as important as the flowers.

Here you can see the morning sunlight flattens the chairs and makes the window so bright we can’t see the color of the wall, but in the same shot in the afternoon the chairs are very dimensional the sunlight is drawing us in by creating a leading line and the exterior bushes become subtle styling elements contributing to the illusion of depth in the photograph rather than harsh, glaring distractions in the background.

Whenever I am shooting I try to shoot from the shadows into the light. This gives my image more depth, defines the form of the design elements and helps bring out texture.