Shooting your architectural photographs at night allows the use of interior lighting and can add romance to an image, but it can cause problems with light sources that are in the shot especially in residential settings. Lighting in commercial settings is generally lower contrast but can still cause problems

A photographer will use supplemental lighting or other techniques to open the shadows without blowing out the highlights. If you’re shooting on your own I suggest you try shooting at night to see if you like the results.

Shooting at night can provide a solution to the problem of ugly views out the windows, or the presence of crowds and clutter in commercial spaces. Outside the windows in the shot on the left is the port-a-potty for the construction site next door we shot when it was dark enough that we couldn’t see it. That problem was solved quickly and effectively.

The shot on the right is a hospital waiting room; after hours we could clean up the papers, post-it notes, ratty magazines and shoot without having to worry about violating the privacy of the patients.

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