Private Residence
Portola Valley, Ca
Rise Krag
RKI Interior Design
CJW Architecture
De Mattei Construction
Today’s architectural photograph is a deck at a private residence in Portola Valley shot in 2010 for Rise Krag of RKI Interior Design, CJW Architecture and De Mattei Construction.

Rise and I were doing a preliminary walk through of the home prior to shooting and the supervisor told us they were draining the pool the next day for refinishing and replacing many of the windows due to a manufacturing flaw. We had to get this shot done that evening or be delayed for weeks.

So, we quickly defined our message and developed a conceptual presentation for the scene. I ran back to my office to get my camera while Rise and her assistants ran all over town gathering the accouterments we needed to communicate our message. We returned to the project only to discover that we didn’t now where the switch for the pool fountains was, but the construction supervisor and I tried every switch on the lower floor until we found it.

It was a fun and challenging shot because I was shooting into the sunset which normally causes the sky to loose all color if I show detail in the shadows, but I shot this using the HDR tonemapping technique and got the romanticized presentation you see here. THe project went on to be featured on the cover of Gentry Design Summer 2011 and you can see a flip book of the article at this link.