Excellent Words: Artistry
This month's photograph is titled “Excellent Words: Artistry.”

I shot this macro photography image of a very old dictionary my wife has from her college days. The pages are yellowing and some of the corners are turned, and it has a personality like you wouldn’t believe. I decided to buy the special purpose close-up equipment for the expressed purpose of exploring this book. This is one of the first shots I’ve done. I chose “artistry” because it’s a subject that has been on my mind quite a bit these past few months. I hope you like it.

Download the February Photograph of the Month at this link.

The Photograph of the Month was on hiatus in February due to an ongoing overbooking of my schedule. I am releasing this second screen saver/wallpaper image in a month to make up for my unavoidable lapse.

All images in my “Photograph of the Month” series are sized and formatted as a screen saver or computer desktop wallpaper. Please, share it with your family and friends, with my compliments.