A blog that focuses on the photography of Dean J. Birinyi, an interior and architectural photographer based in San Francisco, CA.

Artisitc growth requires challenging your creativity

Mixed Available Light and Supplemental Strobe Light Photography
2002 AIA Citation Award
Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners

Conventional Available Light Photograph
Gold Award Single Family Residence
Under 3,000 Square Feet
2009 ASID CA Peninsula Design Awards
Gina Viscusi
April Hocking
Viscusi Elson Interior Design

Mixed Supplemental Strobe and Available Light Photograph
Silver Award Kitchen Category
2009 ASID CA Peninsula Design Awards
Joseph Hittinger
Joseph Hittinger Designs
Today’s architectural photograph is a collection of award winning images spanning the past decade of my career. I’m showing these today because for several weeks, ever since the NKBA Design Awards I have been thinking that it's time for me to make a change to my artistic vision.

For the past four and half years I have worked exclusively with available light using the HDR tonemapping technique, I have enjoyed this creative effort and have accomplished much with it. In the 2012 NKBA Northern California Design Awards six of my clients took ten awards from eight different project and each one was shot using the HDRI technique.

I have developed a degree of mastery of the technique that is quite respectable and I can draw upon it whenever the situation requires either to capture the character of a space or to overcoming challenges, but I feel it is time for me to move on and reintegrate supplemental lighting into my normal workflow. Over the past couple of weeks I have dusted off my lighting equipment and begun practicing with it working to regain the high degree of skill and artistry I employed in the when working with supplemental lighting in the past.

I’m a little rusty, and most of my lighting equipment is outdated, but I’m regaining confidence and will be shooting with it on commissioned projects in the next two to three weeks, until then I’m going to be shooting a lot of pictures of my living room, kitchen, office bathroom and the ultimate challenge my studio garage, painted 66% grey with theatrical paint.

HDR Photograph
1st place Award Powder Room
2012 NKBA Northern California Design Awards
Jamieson Simpson
Harrell Remodeling, Inc

I have gained a much greater sensitivity to available light than I had before and the integration of multiple new techniques related to HDR provides me a much wider range of skill sets to use to create wonderful dynamic imagery for my clients.