Teen Reading Room
Redwood Shores Public Library
Redwood City, CA
Kitchell CEM
Anderson Brule' Architects
Today's archtiectural photograph is the seating in the Teen Reading Room of the Redwood Shores Public Library in Redwood City, CA shot in 2008 jointly for Kitchell CEM and Anderson Brule' Architects.

This was one of the last projects I shot before transitioning into total reliance on available light, this image is shot entirely with available light.

I started working in commercial spaces in 1994 and quickly realized that,due to their scale it was not a wise idea to rely to heavily on supplemental light such as flash of tungsten hot lights. There was also the color conflict between any of my light sources and the fluorescent, or metal vapor lights that are normally used in these environments, because of this I quickly learned how to work with available light of different types.

In the past I would use filters on the lens and in camera masking and mating to adjust the luminance values to meet the needs of the camera. For the past several years I have been using the HDR tonemapping technique to adjust the camera to meet the needs of the environment and get much better results.

Today I am under the gun on a project, a presentation and several proposals. Look for my "Tricks of the Trade" article tomorrow.