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Today’s “Tricks of the Trade” article is on the importance of the tripod in architectural photography.

The single most important reason to use a tripod is using one allows you to stop concentrating on holding the camera and instead focus your energies on taking the picture. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people squeezing themselves into a corner behind a lamp or plant trying to hold the camera straight, turn just a bit to the right, make sure they see the sofa, include the rug, include just enough of the ceiling and then realize they need to move the centerpiece on the dining room table. So, they extricate themselves from behind the plant, being extra careful not to knock over the figurine on the table go across the room and move the flowers, then squeeze back in and go through the entire process all over again, or just give up because it’s such a hassle.

Mounting your camera on a tripod means you only need to position the camera once, you can then go back and forth adjusting the design and styling elements as much as you need to perfect the composition of your image. Each time you go back to your camera to check your work the image is the same the only things that change are the elements you consciously chose to move.

Working with a tripod can be a little inconvenient, but if your photographing your work for your website, portfolio or a presentation it’s worth the effort.

I’m also not recommending that you go out and spend $800.00 or more dollars on a tripod. You can find a tripod suitable for your need on ebay for about $50.00, just keep it in your trunk and when you get out your camera grab it as well. Mount the camera on the tripod before you start deciding what you will photograph and where the camera needs to be.

Remember if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


P.S. In my seminar people have asked where they can get a camera that will work with a tripod. If your camera has a threaded hole on the bottom it can be mounted on a tripod, it’s a universal fitting.