A blog that focuses on the photography of Dean J. Birinyi, an interior and architectural photographer based in San Francisco, CA.

The Need for Powerful Imagery in Architectural Photography

Juvenile Delinquency Court Entrance at Dusk
Fresno, CA,
Kitchell CEM

Today’s architectural photograph is the exterior of the entrance of the Juvenile Delinquency Court at the Juvenile Justice Campus in Fresno, CA shot in 2009 for Kitchell, CEM.

When preparing to shoot a project I seek the views that have drama and impact. My clients need images that are going to be remembered and to do that I need to create powerful imagery that instantly captures the imagination of the viewer. We have one fleeting opportunity to make an impression and communicate the essential nature of the design.

This is why my transfigurative approach is so effective, and valuable in todays highly competitive creative fields: I work to develop an understanding of the design concept in doing so I rely on my feelings and instinctive reactions to a design and strive to communicate my perceptions of the intent, or design concept of the originating artist. This allows me to create images that boldly speak of the artistry and talent of the architect or designer.
I once spoke with a landscape architect who asked me if all my images had to be so powerful. I replied simply “Yes.” My images are as powerful as they are because the ideas, creativity and concepts upon which they are built are so strong.