Restraint 2
Detail, Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay
Redding, CA
Santiago Calatrava
Today’s architectural photograph, titled “Restraint 2” is a detail of the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay in Redding, California designed by Santiago Calatrava. I shot this in 2007 as a recreational project and for inclusion in a gallery exhibit.

When I photograph architecture and design I always listen to my inner voice to find my inspiration. This voice can be loud and clear, other times it is quiet and tentative, I have learned to trust it because it emanates from the core of my artistic nature and speaks of the essence of my subjects. I act upon what my “inner voice” tells me and I get spectacular photographs that capture the essential nature of my subject because it is the result of one essence “speaking” with the other.


P.S. Recently I was scolded for being excessively romantic in my writing. I am a romantic, I see the world through a veil woven of joy and wonder. My romantic nature is an essential part of my core being and is one reason I am as good at photography as I am.

I would not choose to live in a world bereft of romance and if I found myself in such a one I would make it my mission in life to bring some small measure of romance into being to share with all whom I interact, for without romance life is a dull and boring thing, colorless and futile. The only reward such a hellish life could offer would the release of death.

I live a life filled joy and happiness despite the challenges and disappointments of reality because I see the world through a veil of romance. I know peace in my heart because I am making the most of what life has to offer.