Second Place
Open Plan Kitchens
NKBA Northern California
Private Residence
Half Moon Bay, CA
Shari Steele
Shari Steele Designs
Today’s architectural photograph took Second Place in Open Plan Kitchens category of the 2012 NKBA Northern California Design Competition. This home in Half Moon Bay, CA was shot in 2010 for Shari Steele of Shari Steele Designs.

I shot this residential kitchen using available light and the HDR or Tonemapping technique. I like to use available light because I can capture the character and emotional context of the space as it exists in reality, allowing me to capture the essential nature of the space as the designer envisioned with a subtlety that’s impossible to manufacture using artificial means, such as strobe or hot lights.

My client’s benefit because their design concept is captured with grace and finesse. Their creative vision remains unsullied by reinterpretation, allowing the artistry of their work to be presented with a degree of sophistication and authenticity that is highly valued by their sophisticated clientele.