2012 NKBA Award Winner
Second Place Powder Rooms
Private Residence
Risë Krag
Ingeborg Andersson & Nicole Chacon.
RKI Interior Design

Today’s architectural photograph is an NKBA Northern California award winning powder room in Portola Valley, CA shot in 2010 for Rise Krag of RKI Interior Design.

The idea for this powder room came to Rise in a dream. This is a perfect example of why I enjoy working with Rise, she has a deep connection to and utmost confidence in her creative vision. She fosters a sense of creative confidence by her words and deeds and inspires greater achievement by her example.

We had several challenges to overcome for this photograph. We first needed to remove the bathroom door and this doors was eight feet tall and weighed several hundred pounds, it took three construction workers to remove it and move it safely out of the way. I shot this with available light using the HDR or tonemapping technique which was the only way to get the one point perspective shot we needed to match Rise’s vision without enormous amounts of glare on the onyx slab, this created several color problems due to the ambient light reflecting off of the onyx picking up it’s color. It took us three rounds of proofing to finally get everything just right, but as you can see the effort was worth it.


P.S. Rise also gave me one of the most charming testimonials I have ever received:

"You are not only talented but calm, generous, polite, and patient."

Rise Krag
RKI Interior Design