Private Residence
Santa Cruz, CA
Gina Viscusi
Viscusi Elson Interior Design
Today’s architectural photograph is the foyer of a Pied-A-Terre in Santa Cruz, California shot in 2008 for Gina Viscusi of Viscusi Elson Interior Design. This image is featured in today’s e-promo titled “Surf Shack.”

I shot this image using only available light because it needed nothing. As is most often the case the character and atmosphere of the space as it was designed was perfect. Of course the heavy fog we get on the Northern California Coast helped lower the contrast.

I was intrigued by the layering of this shot, and the strong line leading to the critical subject of the nightstand and lamp. The splash of color in the lower foreground was Gina’s idea and it was the perfect balance to the color of the candles & art and trees out the window. I enjoyed collaborating with her on this project and the many more we worked on afterward.

I feel it is important to make the most of the available talent we have on a shoot to ensure we are getting the most out of our investment of time and energy. The modern world demands performance on a much higher level than any one person can achieve, we all must learn to work together as a team, each of us bringing our specialized knowledge and unique skill set to the table working together, with mutual respect to striving for a greatness far in excess of what any one of us alone could hope to achieve.


P.S. I’ve been doing my “Artists Way” morning pages religiously lately and it shows in my writing and my work. It’s making everything I do more fun, too.