Master Bedroom Patio
Private Residence
Campbell, CA
Gina Viscusi
Viscusi Elson Interior Design
Today’s architectural photograph is an available light image of a patio in Campbell, CA shot in 2009 for Gina Viscusi of Viscusi Elson Interior Design.

This is an available light photograph manipulated throught the use of the HDR tonemapped technique. I like using available light because I  capture the character and emotional context of my clients designs with great fidelity to their original vision. I strive to capture the essential nature of their work, to communicate their ideas. Working with available light allows me to focus not on what I can do to “improve” the presentation of a space by imposing my own vision upon them, instead I focus on what I can do to perfect the presentation of their work using their ideas and their limitations.

The fact that the HDR tonemapping technique allows me to alter the camera to fit the needs of the environment helps a lot. More on this another day, right now I’m behind schedule on four jobs with more beginning to stack up. So, today I focus on creative production, rather than blogging a social networking. If you want astute observation take twenty minutes and review this TED Talks video by Seth Godin on standing out.