Residential Kitchen
Los Altos, CA
Rutt of Los Altos
This kitchen won an award in last nights NKBA Northern California design competition I am very proud of this and the other photographs I created on the project, they are some of the best work of my career. This white enamel residential kitchen in Los Altos, CA was shot in 2010 for Rutt of Los Altos.

The hardest thing to learn when photographing architecture and interior design is what not to do. Far too often I see photographs of beautiful kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms that are over styled, with plants and books and throws and knick knacks and vegetables and cutting boards and cookbooks all carefully placed to fill space. In many circumstances there is no reason for things to be in a particular place, it was put there to “fill space.” When styling a space I try to keep my theory of situational context in mind, the flowers in the cut glass vase belong on the table across the room not next to the stove where they will be splattered with grease.

Wine Cellar
Los Altos, CA
DaLusso Design
A staged wine tasting is the perfect compliment for a wine cellar because it’s conceptually consistent with how the space has been designed to be used. Adding a potted plant in the corner would be an inappropriate styling element because it doesn’t belong there; wine cellars are dark and the plant would quickly die.

Adding lifestyle elements can be very seductive, it’s easy to loose your focus when styling architecture and interior design. We have to remember than we are not photographing “stuff,” we are photographing design. I apply a balanced minimalist aesthetic in keeping with the design concept and when styling I always keep the words of Mies van der Rohe in mind “less is more.”