Residential Guest Bathroom
Today’s architectural photograph is a residential bathroom in Santa Cruz, CA shot in 2008 for Viscusi Elson Interior Design.

This was the first project I shot for Gina Viscusi, I was a little nervous because she and I had never actually met but  working with her was a lot of fun. Her style was energetic and she was dedicated to creating a mood and atmosphere rather than simply showing what the spaces looked like. She and I worked on many other projects but this one will always stand out in my memory because our combined talents and dedication resulted in us creating so many wonderful images on just this one job, three of which are still in my portfolio and in my CEU “Photography for Interior Designers.”

Working with Gina taught me to trust my instincts on composition like never before, she was always supportive and clear in communicating her ideas, wants and needs on the job. She even gave me a wonderful testimonial:

"Dean Biriyni is a true artist. His eye for composition is excellent and his lighting, creative. I like to be hands-on when it comes to the photography of my work and he is so easy to work with and I always appreciate his prompt professional service at a good value.”

Gina Viscusi Elson, CKD, Allied ASID
Viscusi Elson Interior Design