Master Bathroom
2008 Sunset Magazine Idea House
Monterey Valley, CA
Joseph Hittinger
Joseph Hittinger Designs

Today’s architectural photograph is a bathroom in the 2008 Sunset Magazine Idea House in Monterey Valley, CA shot for Joseph Hittinger of Joseph Hittinger Designs.

Designer show homes are wonderful projects to shoot because the interior designer had the opportunity to go all out and do whatever they please with a space. Usually the only restriction is budget but on larger projects such as the Sunset Idea House this isn’t as much of a concern due to the high profile nature of the project, guaranteed publication and promotional opportunities.

I shot this image rather quickly with very little supplemental lighting. If you look really close you can see the shadows of the fixtures on far left caused by my strobe light. Very subtle shadows such as this are a hallmark of the use of supplemental lighting, even the most skillful application will create nearly imperceptible artifacts. The presence of mirrors and restricted space such as in  a bathroom complicate the application of supplemental lighting, but if the technique is done with skill and patience no one will notice these shadows. The presence of unnatural hot spots or reflections however are quite obvious and photographers will go to any length necessary to ensure glare issues and specular highlights are resolved before shooting a final image.

This was one of the last projects I shot before I integrated the HDR into my professional work flow, again looking closely you will see the detail of the tile is all but lost in the direct sun behind the tub with careful application of the HDR technique these details retain their full glory without the negative impact of forcing the ambiance to conform to the mechanical limitations of the camera with supplemental lights.