Urgent Care Ward
Mather VA Hospital
Rancho Cordova, CA
Nacht & Lewis Architects
Today's architectural photograph is the urgent care ward at Mather VA Hospital in Rancho Cordova, CA shot for Nacht & Lewis Architects.

Photographing health care facilities can be a challenge due to scheduling, especially if your shooting critical care facilities such as this. We will generally have one and only one brief period when we can have control of the space long enough to photograph it, because of this we need to know exactly what we want and how to get it done quickly efficiently and with visual drama.

In the 1990’s I learned the best way to shoot these space was with the available light, using my critical eye to create the visual impact we need through manipulation of the composition and subject matter rather than being reliant upon supplemental lighting or extraneous styling elements to transform the space to meet a synthetic idea of what it should be. My client’s always liked the genuine and natural feel my images conveyed. My minimalistic approach to styling and staging and my ability to manipulate the available light in any situation helps me communicate my client’s design concepts with a degree of authenticity that cannot be denied.

The authenticity of my imagery is highly valued by my client’s because it is greatly appreciated by the more sophisticated clientele they court.