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Lull in the Storm - January Photograph of the Month

Lull in the Storm

I have always wanted to get a good shot of the fog as it rolled over the Santa Cruz Mountains unable to flow down into the bay as if prevented by some enchantment, but I had never found the right setting. On this day the right opportunity finally presented itself and I captured the scene with all the glory and romance it deserves.

I shot this image in November while on a docent-led hike through Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve. It was raining quite hard when we arrived but the hike proceeded regardless.  Hikers tend to be a stubborn lot and we weren’t going to let a few thousand gallons of water beating down upon us get in our way. We climbed the hill higher and higher stopping to discuss different plants and geological features. As we neared the top the sky began to clear and rain slacked off, and just as we reached the top of the hill I looked back and my breath was taken by this magical view.

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