Sales Office
Heritage Park
Sacramento, CA
Lennar Homes
Williams and Paddon Archtiects and Planners

Today’s architectural photograph is the foyer of the sales office at Heritage Park in Sacramento, CA shot jointly for Lennar Homes and Williams and Paddon Architects and Planners.

The interior designer, Naaz Alikhan did a wonderful job of setting the tone of the space right here at the entrance. Everything about this transitional space communicates the idea that you’re entering a place where luxury, quality, taste and sophisticated style are de rigueur, just what is needed to focus the prospective home buyers attention on value and lifestyle rather than the price of the homes.

This is another shot from my 4x5 days. At this point I was still using supplemental lighting but had already begun to use it only as a supplement to the available light. Some of the clues that show the lighting of this shot are the barely perceptible shadows of the Foyer light fixture on the top of the arch, the shadows of the hanging banners on the far wall of the waiting room and the sharp shadows on the ceiling of the waiting room cast by the hardware used to hang the banners. The supplemental lighting is unobtrusive but can bee seen if you look closely.

The entire scene carries a respectable visual impact. I am quite proud of this shot, it’s in my portfolio and will stay there because it’s a very powerful image and shows how I can capture the essence and intent of my client's design. I know there is more to architecture and interior design than simply showing a collection of beautiful or interesting features in a pleasing manner. There is always a subliminal message of some type: nurturing, confidence, authority, rest, etc. and it is my job, my talent  my greatest challenge and my greatest pleasure to communicate the essence of the design or the design concept through my photographs.