Garage Foyer Icon at Dowle Emeryville, CA Kwan Henmi Architecture Planning, Inc.

Today’s architectural photograph is an available light interior of the garage foyer of an adaptive reuse residential project. Icon at Doyle in Emeryville, CA was shot for Kwan Henmi Architecture Planning, Inc. and won both a Gold Nugget Award in the Best Adaptive Reuse Category and Design Excellence Award presented by Multihousing News in the Best Low-Rise category.

I created this image in 2007. I was enamored of the line and flow of the design, I try to see spaces as geometric abstractions and this space made it very easy. The hard lines and massive shapes created a strong presence that communicated safety and stability while the leading line of the bannister and strong diagonal of the floating partition created an undeniable energy that tempered by the color scheme and art to create a transitional space that and promoted relaxation. The designer did a wonderful job of turning this alien and utilitarian space into a comforting and habitable environmental experience.

It’s no wonder it won two awards, but Kwan Henmi is very good at what they do.